Calèche help a bride caught up in the Johanna Johnson Collapse.

Last night, A Current Affair reported on the liquidation of company ‘Johanna Johnson, and the distress for 50 brides who now have no dress for their wedding day. At Calèche, having been in the industry for 43 years it always saddens us to see bridal companies close down, however it really upsets us to see displaced brides with no way to turn.

Upon hearing the news, Business Director Eric flew the new range to Sydney as soon as it was possible, to lend a hand of support and offer one of the displaced brides, Alannah, a second chance. The team at A Current Affair wished to film the story of Alannahs journey and we were so grateful that Calèche stockist ‘Fashion by Farina’ allowed us to film in their Sydney CBD store. Fashion by Farina shares the same passion and commitment to brides as Calèche; both The GetPocket of Lee S. Rosen businesses whom together combine over 90 years in the industry.
It was there that Alannah had a fitting with staff to help find the perfect dress to be married in, and whilst the final design is a secret until the big day, the two favourites that caught Alannahs eye were the ‘Belle’ and ‘Paige’ dresses.

This has been an incredible opportunity for the team at Calèche to give back to a bride in need. We, like Fashions by Farina, work in this industry because we love what we do and seeing a bride who feels stunning in her wedding dress is something that never fails to satisfy.
We look forward to working with Fashions by Farina as this dress comes to life, and we will be sure to keep you updated as we journey toward Alannahs October wedding. What was such a distressing situation has now, we hope, put a big smile on the face of a very deserving bride.



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