Calèche real bride Anita and partner Terence’s modern wedding included a Chinese Tea ceremony, a chapel ceremony and an elegant reception at the stunning Adelaide Town Hall. Keep scrolling for all the details and snaps from their special day.

Lets start at the beginning, when and how did you and your partner meet?

The very first time we met was in first year Uni, we had one class together for a semester. We got along well but nothing really happened between us. He was also a good friend of my cousin so he said his excuse was he couldn’t break the “bro code” and after that we didn’t keep in contact for about 7 years. We later connected again through basketball, we’d play at least once a week either against or with each other and since then we haven’t stopped.

Tell us about the proposal ..

A week before the proposal we went up to visit my Nanna up in the Adelaide Hills. My family spend our Christmas there every year and growing up I’ve created so many memories. They have a cherry farm, and all the blossoms were out. It’s such a lovely place. So, a week after visiting my Nanna, Terence wanted to go up to take some photos together. I didn’t think much of it, so I just went with it. We walked down the path between the cherry blossoms until we reached a spot with all the trees in full bloom, and it was there he decided to propose! It was super sweet and meaningful.

Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - couple outside bar

The Dress! Tell us about your experience finding the dress .. How did you decide on the one?

Oh my goodness! Dress shopping is exhausting! I honestly thought I’d just go in pick one out and we’re good, but turns out I can be picky. Calèche was the first boutique I went to. I tried on a couple of dresses and they were amazing. I then realized I had shot myself in the foot for setting my standards so high. I still decided to try a few other places but in the end I kept going back to Calèche because they were so accommodating, extremely helpful and the fabrics were so dreamy and delicate.

I had a dress style in mind and all the other boutiques just didn’t have what I wanted. On the other hand at Calèche, Libbi drew up the most incredible sketch, she bounced off my ideas and turned it into something I could physically see. It was Amazing! Lovely Wendy then took me through the journey of bringing it all together. The process was so much fun, the extra detailing on the gown was amazing and I just couldn’t wait for my appointments with her. Wendy was so patient, kind and re-assuring throughout the whole process. My experience at Calèche was so unique and professional. If I could I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - Anita getting ready
Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - couple portrait in front of town hall

Can you give us some details on your wedding location?

Our wedding spanned across two days, we had our traditional Chinese Tea ceremony on the first day with our closest family and friends at home. It was very intimate and so emotional. I loved that we were able to show our respects to those closest to us before the big day.

On the actual day of our wedding, we had our ceremony at the Westminster Jeffries Chapel. We always knew we’d get married in a church and the Chapel was perfect, it was very sleek, modern, and let in a lot of sunlight – perfect for photos! Our Reception was held at the Adelaide Town Hall, all I can say is that place is stunning. The organ at the Town Hall made the most incredible backdrop and the management team looked after us so well, all I had to worry about was my cramping feet from dancing all night.

Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - ceremony
Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - bridal party siting and standing outside restaurant wall in city laneway

What was your favourite moment of the day?

That’s a tough one! The whole day was perfect, absolutely nothing went wrong. However, if I had to pick one I’d say doing a basketball related photoshoot. The basketball court we went to was where Terence and I would regularly go and spend hours shooting around. Our photographer actually suggested this to us. Funnily enough we also met our photographer through basketball, and he thought it would be so nice to incorporate this into our wedding. We took a few photos and mostly spent some time having fun.

Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - bridal party on basketball court

Hens Day! If you had one, please tell us all about it!

My Hens Day was awesome! My bridesmaids hired a princess jumping castle for me Ha! Yes, I know I’m a kid at heart, but who wouldn’t want to go on a jumping castle?! The girls incorporated the jumping castle into the games we played, it was just a full day of laughs and luckily no injuries.

Lastly, is there any advice or words of wisdom you have for future brides?

Your wedding day will take months of planning, weeks of thinking and days of perfecting, but the day will go in a blink of an eye. So, when the day comes just go with the flow, enjoy every moment, and make the best memories.

Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - Anita and bridesmaids getting ready
Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - bridal party in the town hall sitting
Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - Terence kissing Anita's cheek outside bar
Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - bridal party on basketball court
Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - couple portrait in bar next to booth
Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - Anita full length portrait with flowing veil, in front of bar
Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - bridal party in booths at bar
Calèche Real Bride Anita & Terence - Anita & Terence on bar balcony


Photographer: JNV Photography; Ceremony: Westminster Jeffries Chapel; Reception: Adelaide Town Hall; Bridesmaid outfits: Forever New; Groom outfits: Ignition for Men; Flowers: The Botanical Engineer; Makeup: Makeovers by Annie, Nicole Bovis makeup; Hair: Hair by Selina Chhaur; Jewellery: Tiffany & Co and FILI Jewellery. 



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