Calèche Bridal House

As society, style and economies change, Calèche has transitioned seamlessly to cater to the needs of the modern woman.

With over 40 years of fine couture design experience spanning two generations, we decided to renovate our studio in order to go back to basics and focus our energy on creating intimate journeys for brides; from first fitting, to final stitch.

The showroom in Chapel St Norwood is unassuming and raw. However, every single fixture reflects what Calèche is about. Our community is at the heart of our studio and company.

The showroom was designed by local architect Damien Chwalisz. Damian understands our vision and has the ability to blend classic and contemporary to bring a studio to life.

Our timber has been sourced locally. All of the floor and wall panels are raw and unpolished and the mirrors and furniture have been created from salvaged timber.  Eric has known the carpenter Nikola Bosatlija for over 7 years and it is clear that the Caleche vision whispers from every fixture.

We source our fabric from countries such as Japan and France, and are now integrating contemporary design techniques to create bespoke one-off designs that literally cannot be recreated. Constructed by hand from start to finish, all of our gowns are made from high quality, detailed fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail.

Calèche is about sustainability in all areas of life, Our entire production process occurs in our Chapel St premises. We support local charities,  sponsor sports clubs and have been in connection with Finesse ever since our founder Colette mentored Brigette as a model.

Liz reflected on this at the launch. With every stitch sewn in our Adelaide workshop, every dress tailored exactly to suit the bride. The team is there every step of the journey and the most rewarding part is seeing the photo’s of the day knowing that we contributed to those beautiful memories.

Today, Calèche gowns are stocked in selected boutiques across Australia and New Zealand while the Calèche Bridal House is a fresh setting for brides-to-be to view the latest collections or have their dream gown made especially for them.

 Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5 pm, Thursdays until 7pm and Saturdays by appointment.





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Voucher is redeemable on the purchase of a Calèche gown from the Calèche store in Norwood, not redeemable for cash, no change given, not cumulative – limit of one voucher per gown – and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or offer or pre-existing contract, lay-by or purchase. Unadulterated original must be produced on redemption and prior to any negotiation on price and must be used no later than 11/11/2017.




Conditions applying to the following:




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Voucher is redeemable on the purchase of a Calèche gown from the Calèche store in Norwood, not redeemable for cash, no change given, not cumulative – limit of one voucher per gown – and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or offer or pre-existing contract, lay-by or purchase. Unadulterated original must be produced on redemption and prior to any negotiation on price and must be used no later than 31/12/2017.




Conditions applying to the following:




$100 off Evening Gowns

$200 off Wedding Gowns



Voucher is redeemable on the purchase of a Calèche gown from the Calèche store in Norwood, not redeemable for cash, no change given, not cumulative – limit of one voucher per gown – and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or offer or pre-existing contract, lay-by or purchase. Unadulterated original must be produced on redemption and prior to any negotiation on price and must be used no later than 31/12/2017.



Conditions applying to the following:


$100 off Evening Gowns

$200 off Wedding Gowns



Voucher is redeemable on the purchase of a Calèche gown from the Calèche store in Norwood, not redeemable for cash, no change given, not cumulative – limit of one voucher per gown – and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or offer or pre-existing contract, lay-by or purchase. Unadulterated original must be produced on redemption and prior to any negotiation on price and must be used no later than 31/12/2017.

Calèche renovates their Norwood boutique.


There is a great buzz in the air at Calèche Bridal of late. We are renovating!

Our little boutique has been completely stripped back and we are creating a brand new showroom for our deserving brides. The renovations will be going until mid September and we cannot wait to unveil our new ‘industrial’ look showroom to you all. We are so grateful for everyones patience as the build continues.

The showroom remains on site however in a much smaller area, so to view the dresses is a strictly appointment only basis until the renovations are completed. We will be shouting from the rooftops with excitement when its completed so you will be sure to know when all has returned to normal. x Ms Calèche.

Calèche help a bride caught up in the Johanna Johnson Collapse.

Last night, A Current Affair reported on the liquidation of company ‘Johanna Johnson, and the distress for 50 brides who now have no dress for their wedding day. At Calèche, having been in the industry for 43 years it always saddens us to see bridal companies close down, however it really upsets us to see displaced brides with no way to turn.

Upon hearing the news, Business Director Eric flew the new range to Sydney as soon as it was possible, to lend a hand of support and offer one of the displaced brides, Alannah, a second chance. The team at A Current Affair wished to film the story of Alannahs journey and we were so grateful that Calèche stockist ‘Fashion by Farina’ allowed us to film in their Sydney CBD store. Fashion by Farina shares the same passion and commitment to brides as Calèche; both second generation businesses whom together combine over 90 years in the industry.
It was there that Alannah had a fitting with staff to help find the perfect dress to be married in, and whilst the final design is a secret until the big day, the two favourites that caught Alannahs eye were the ‘Belle’ and ‘Paige’ dresses.

This has been an incredible opportunity for the team at Calèche to give back to a bride in need. We, like Fashions by Farina, work in this industry because we love what we do and seeing a bride who feels stunning in her wedding dress is something that never fails to satisfy.
We look forward to working with Fashions by Farina as this dress comes to life, and we will be sure to keep you updated as we journey toward Alannahs October wedding. What was such a distressing situation has now, we hope, put a big smile on the face of a very deserving bride.

French connection for luxurious Adelaide bridal gown house Calèche

The awarding of the $50 billion submarine contract to France has sparked vivid memories and family reminisces by the team at Adelaide’s luxury bridal gown house Calèche.

Eric Foubert from Caleche was delighted with the awarding of the contract to French company DCNS as announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday (April 26).

Eric’s parents Olivier and Colette were both born in France – as was Eric himself – and the Foubert family has been instrumental in forging business and community links between South Australia and France over many decades.
Olivier Foubert OAM was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for his outstanding service to business, tourism and the community in work that has been acknowledged by both France and Australia.

He was a driving force of the French-Australian Business Club of SA, and highly visible in the promotion and understanding of French culture, as well as being highly active in the development of bilateral trade links between Australia and France.
According to Eric: “Our family came from France to Australia in 1973 when our parents founded the family business and for many years until the death of our mother, Caleche was exporting its Adelaide-made wedding dresses to France.
“From there it was distributed to several stores in France, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland.
“Now in its second generation, my brother Herve and I are still in the business. Hèrve’s wife Elizabeth who was previously a London-based designer first joined the business in France and worked under my mother until her retirement in 2002.
“Many Calèche designs use beautiful laces and embroideries that come from France and we are also proud to say that Calèche received a visit by former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard (AC) in its Norwood store and workrooms.
In another link to France, the efforts of Olivier Foubert allowed Calèche designer Colette to sit alongside designer Pierre Cardin at the Australian Bicentenary Celebration organised by the Australian Embassy in Paris in 1988.
Eric said: “This then led to our Adelaide handcrafted wedding dresses being sold in France. Talk about selling coal to Newcastle!”

In yet another French-South Australian twist, Eric recalls a fashion event Caleche was involved in onboard a visiting French warship.
“I think the idea stemmed for a discussion between the French Admiral of the French Marine Nationale who sat on the Terra Australis Committee in Paris, former Prime Minister Michel Rocard (AC), and my father who seized the opportunity to do something quite memorable,” Eric said.
“It was an incredible event having models parading our Calèche gowns on a visiting French warship and being walked by Naval officers and sailors in their resplendent uniforms on the deck of a warship.
“One of the highlights occurred when three models each wearing one of the three colours of the French flag walked on the helicopter runway, which received a lot of applause from the local personalities and dignitaries on board.”
Eric said that while France is renowned for fashion elegance, sophistication and fine cuisine, the country also has a strong scientific and technological power base.

“In addition to the initial and obvious economic benefits through jobs for South Australians, this submarine contract will see South Australia benefit from close cooperation with France in other industries such as food and tourism widening existing channels,” Eric said.

Floreal IIFloreal III




Izzy Daniel graces Brownlow Red Carpet in a Calèche Creation

Izzy Daniels and Sam Jacobs on the 2015 Brownlow Red Carpet

Photo from

Our Designer Liz Foubert always relishes designing something new and glamorous, and Izzy Daniel’s gown for this year’s Brownlow Medal Count was no exception.

We were so excited, to see Izzy Daniel walk down the Brownlow Red Carpet in September with partner Sam Jacobs (fondly known as ‘Sauce’ here in SA.) This year, Izzy opted for a sparkling pink hue with long sleeves and a deep neckline.

Izzy Daniels in her creation in the Caleche Studio

Photo by Sarah Reed

This was the second year in a row that we created a stunning red carpet number in just three weeks!

Izzy experienced a super speedy version of the Calèche Couture process, but this is a journey all our customers enjoy. So what happened? 

With only a short time to make the gown, Izzy and Liz had to swiftly collaborate and decide on the gown design.

“It literally took five minutes … after I showed Liz just one photo. And she already had something in mind Izzy Daniels bespoke designbefore I came into the store,” said Izzy. 

When the design and measurements were finalised, the first fitting was a time for further inspiration. Izzy’s first fitting was created in a tulle off-cut so she could see the design taking shape while the dress was then being fitted perfectly to her measurements.

If there was anything I wasn’t quite sure about or wanted to change, Liz had no problems – no matter how last minute my decisions were!”

On the second fitting Izzy got to see the intricately beaded lace on for the first time, and it was then she decided on the longer sleeve. Sometimes it isn’t till you see your dress on and taking shape that subtle changes might be required to suit your personal style. Izzy Daniels models her last minute decision to include sleeves

For her third visit, Izzy let the Liz guide the way on the last few finishing and finessing details.

Izzy Daniels and Sam Jacobs on the 2014 Brownlow Medal Red Carpet

Photo from

In 2014, Izzy made her Brownlow Red Carpet debut in the figure hugging navy gown with beaded French lace floating over her shoulders. I asked Izzy to think back to reflect on both Brownlow Medal Red Carpet gowns.

“I’ve had so many comments about both dresses, but in particular my pink one from this year.

“Having a one-of-a-kind gown especially made for you for such a special event is a feeling I can’t describe. Both dresses were so comfortable I wore them all night,” said Izzy.

So it is possible to look glamorous and feel great at the same time!


The latest in Caleche Event and Evening Wear

White Tie Event Gown

White Tie Event Elegance            Image by photographer Nicholas Purcell


Black Tie Gown

Black Tie Lace   Image by photographer Nicholas Purcell

The 2015 Adelaide Fashion Festival was a great success for South Australia and we were proud to be invited to be a part of the Couture Culture Parade in the Hindmarsh Square Marquee. While it’s fantastic to see our Event and Evening Wear designs on the catwalk, these gowns will be custom made especially for our customers. How are they a great place to seek some initial inspiration for you’re own creation?

Going to the most formal of occasions a White tie event? Be inspired by this lace and tulle gown – choose a sparkly beaded lace, pop on a long silk tie sash and be a standout in the crowd.

What about a Black tie celebration. Choose a chic cocktail dress or a long evening gown – I suggest starting with this sexy yet covered style. Once again the choice of lace can dramatically alter the look of the gown, how about navy? The front split is a bit of wow when you’re moving.

Cocktail Gown

Elegant at a Cocktail Function Image by photographer Nicholas Purcell

What if your invitation says cocktail dress? Start with this peplum gown of amazing 3-D tulle and beading, shorten it to just below the knee and away you go! Have fun dressing up with great accessories and a pair of killer heels.

Semi-Formall Outfit

Semi-Formal Outfit         Image by photographer Nicholas Purcell

Semiformal or neat casual is possibly the hardest one to choose an outfit for. Depending on the time of the event, you’re really mixing formal and casual. A hot night could be a great time to pull on some dress shorts with this sheer lace top, or grab our satin box pleat skirt that just shows your ankles and top with a t-shirt and glam belt.

Beach Formal Dress

Beach Formal simplicity Image by photographer Nicholas Purcell





Lastly, something like beach formal suggests an elegant beach wedding, or destination event (think on the beaches of Mexico!). Dress to impress, but also dress for the elements – sun, sand, and water – like our dress with a midi length skirt inspired by this Bridal style.

Whatever the event, we’ll help you arrive in a beautifully hand-crafted outfit that has been made for you. Seek inspiration, bring your ideas and talk to our designers about creating the event or evening wear outfit you’ll adore.


My obsession with classic couture – Tiffany Wedding Dress

Hello brides-to-be,

Tiffany_full length_wedding _dress

I have a confession to make – while I love pushing the boundaries with innovative styles and fabrics, my true obsession is with lace and classic couture. That’s why I just had to introduce you to the Tiffany Wedding Dress from our new Illumination Collection. I just adore the intricately beaded French lace bodice – the placement of which is all done by hand so it moulds perfectly to the shape of the bride.

Setting off this exquisite detailing is a soft tulle skirt that adds an incredibly feminine and romantic touch to this wedding dress. It’s deliciously French and something that I know Colette Foubert – the original Ms Calèche – would have approved of.

Colette sailed to Australia from the fashion capital of Paris with her husband Olivier and their four children in 1973. Making their way to Adelaide, Colette started Calèche with one machinist, patterns and fabric spread across the floor. Together with Olivier, she travelled the country visiting every township that had a drapery or fashion store.


Five years on the Calèche range was being promoted in every capital city and regional centre in Australia. To this day our family make all of our hand-crafted gowns in our Norwood showroom, continuing the tradition that Colette started so long ago.

Perhaps that’s why I can’t go past a wedding dress with simple styling and a whole lot of lace – it’s in my blood!

If you’re feeling the love for Tiffany, be sure to pop in for a viewing and to discuss options to make the dress truly your own, such as lace straps, an illusion neckline with lace trailing over the shoulders, a lower backline with nude tulle … the options are endless.


‘Audrey Hepburn eat-your-heart-out’ wedding dress

Hello brides-to-be,

Was that a little flash of sunshine I saw the other day? Spring has finally made an appearance (about time!) which means wedding season is about to kick into full swing.

If your big day will be this time next year, now is the time to start the search for your dream wedding dress. A Calèche wedding dress takes at least 6 months to create. That might seem like a long time, but all of our dresses are custom made right here in our Norwood studio to ensure a perfect fit every time.Audrey 2

Once you’ve found ‘The One’ we’ll sit down with you to discuss the overall design of the dress and any changes you might like to make. We can mix and match different styles as well as creating a completely new custom gown. When you’re happy, we’ll get started on bringing your vision to life.Audrey 1

You’ll have three to four fittings to get everything just right. You’re very much a part of the process here at Calèche and we get to know you very well along the way.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for we can give you plenty of ideas to get you started. In fact, let me kick things off by introducing you to ‘Audrey’ from our new Illumination collection.

I just adore the simplicity of this 50s inspired ‘Audrey Hepburn eat-your-heart-out’ wedding dress. This style incorporates a slim skirt with a flared and flounced train and a bias cut band at the neckline to create a soft look – perfect for the elegant and understated bride-to-be.


Welcome to our new Wedding Dress collection … Illumination.

Hello brides-to-be,

A few months ago I asked my designers to come up with a brand new wedding dress collection that would knock your socks off. Brace yourself for chilly winter toes, because they more than delivered!

Drumroll ladies … it is with great pleasure that I present to you Illumination.

I’ve asked the mastermind behind the new collection, our incredibly talented lead designer Liz Foubert, to share with you the inspiration behind the new designs and a few tips to help you on your way to finding your dream dress. Enjoy the journey and I hope you love the new collection as much as I do.


Liz Foubert, Calèche Head Designer, talks about the new collection Illumination and her tips for choosing the perfect wedding gown.

The starting place for designing a new collection is the same starting place for choosing your dream wedding dress – you consider the figure it needs to showcase and the personality it needs to reflect. Illumination showcases some amazing new fabrics and translates classic vintage designs into modern, romantic looks that suit a range of sizes, shapes and individual styles.

I find that less is more when designing a dress, so each of the designs showcases one major detail, such as a beautiful lace embellishment or the sweep of a skirt. Stunning embroidered and sheer laces and soft tulle are key elements of the new collection, although you will also find a few new shapes in a more structured fabric. A few daring pieces, such as capes and boleros, offer something a little different and reflect the latest trends from the European runways.

Full Length DianaOne of my favourite dresses from the collection is Diana.

The lace is placed perfectly to complement the curves of the body, while pearl Bodice Detail Dianabuttons down the back and on the cuffs of the full-length sleeves provide a romantic touch. This dress is equally lovely with a delicate cap sleeve.

In fact, Diana lends itself to being customised quite easily – just by changing the shape of the underskirt, trailing the lace on the tulle or opting for a different belt you can create a very different look.

Back Detail Diana

There is often a lot of pressure to find your ‘dream dress’, but my best advice is to start your search with minimal expectations – you may not have the emotional reaction the movies lead you to expect, sometimes it’s more of a practical decision that needs to be made.

I’d also recommend not making a decision on your first viewing or outing, as sometimes you can feel pressured into a choosing a style you may not ultimately be happy with.

Most of all, have fun and remember the Calèche Bridal Consultants  are here to help – whether you have a clear vision of what you want or are looking for a little inspiration, we have the experience and the expertise to create your perfect bridal look.

To lace a little …

Hello brides-to-be,

Introducing Paige…for the modern bride looking for a touch ofHand drawn Paige romantic nostalgia.

A light and exquisite silky tulle skirt, delicate beaded lace with 3D floral accents, and champagne coloured satin base come together to create a fresh and unashamedly romantic wedding dress.

Full Length PaigeThe modern sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice and thin satin belt highlight your body’s natural curves, while a hint of lace scallop detail around the neckline and at the shoulders add a feminine touch. This dress will win your heart with its clean lines and uncomplicated elegance.

For the perfect finishing touches add a simple raw veil – it will disappear into the layers of tulle in the skirt providing the illusion of a longer train, and subtle earrings or an understated bracelet from our Samantha Wills jewellery range.Bodice lace detail Paige

Love the look but want more cover up top? Consider changing the neckline to an illusion neckline with beading detail, or add a cap sleeve for a little more sparkle.

Lace back detail PaigeLove Paige just as she is, or want to add your own special touches? All of our dresses are hand crafted and tailored just for you in our Adelaide studio – that means you get the one-of-a-kind dress of your imagination.

We can’t wait to work with you to bring your dream wedding dress to life.

Check in with us on Facebook or Pinterest for more ‘lace a little’ inspiration.

See you soon in the studio.


To lace a lot ….

Hello brides-to-be,

Autumn is in full swing, which means now is the time for our spring and summer brides to book in for your first dress consult.

We’re all so different and we believe in creating a bespoke gown to suit your style, shape and wedding theme. After all, this is the most important dress of your life.

All of our dresses are hand crafted and tailored just for you in our Adelaide studio – that means you get the one-of-a-kind dress of your imagination.

You might have a clear vision of how you want to look on your special day, or perhaps you are looking for a little inspiration.

Each month we’ll be featuring one of our amazing dresses, along with a little advice, to help take some of the guesswork out of finding the dress that best fits your body shape and personal style.Hand drawn Taylor

For the next few months we’ll be focussing on lace – to lace a little, a lot or not at all. Who knows, this month’s ‘lace a lot’ feature dress could just be The One.

Introducing Taylor…for the bride who embodies effortless beauty and timeless sophistication.

Full Dress Taylor

A champagne coloured lightweight satin provides the perfect backdrop for the delicate floral lace overlay with bold scallop detail that is the showpiece of this dress.

The long vertical scallop detail elongates the figure, while the front split creates an alluring glimpse of the legs when walking.

A mermaid flare starts from mid-thigh Skirt lace detail Taylorcreating a sleek silhouette, while on-trend long sleeves complete the look. This dress is the perfect blend of conservative and sexy and will take you from the church to cocktail hour seamlessly.

Bodice detail Taylor

Wondering about the finishing touches for this dress? A floor length veil in soft tulle or a wreath of flowers in the hair would look stunning. And perhaps a little sparkle with a set of pearl or diamante earrings from our Samantha Wills jewellery range.

Want to make the look a little more your own? Consider replacing the full length sleeve with a gathered cap sleeve for a more delicate feel; go strapless with scallop detailing over the neckline; fit the dress tightly under the bottom for a more figure-hugging look; or up the modesty quota by removing the split in the skirt and changing the direction of the lace so the scallop is around the hem only.

So many options, so many ways to create your picture perfect dress. We can’t wait to work with you to bring your dream wedding dress to life.

Check in with us on Facebook for more ‘lace a lot’ inspiration.

See you soon in the studio.


The Brides Diary in store

PrintWe are delighted to announce that the 2015 edition of The Brides Diary has been released and you can pick up your free copy from our store in Norwood!

The Brides Diary, South Australia

The Brides Diary, South Australia

Imagine our excitement when we first had word from The Brides Diary that our Lucille dress is featured on the front cover. Generally, dresses shown in magazine editorials are packed off and returned all alone so it is a surprise to Calèche to discover the styling of the team on the day.  We’ve been associated with The Brides Diary for so long now because not only is the magazine well presented and so useful for brides planning; their styling and photography crews have always done such a great job.

Don’t forget that Calèche and The Brides Diary have great facebook pages with more information and Real Brides, and pintrest can provide great inspiration.

Happy planning Brides-to-Be!



Izzy Daniel shines on the Brownlow 2014 red carpet in her Calèche Couture dress

PrintCalèche have been proud to support Izzy Daniel in her Brownlow 2014 Medal Award red carpet debut, as she accompanied partner Sam Jacobs (affectionately known as ‘Sauce‘)

Our designer Liz sat down with Izzy to design a dress especially for her, one that she could look back on over time and feel as special as the first time it was worn.

Sam jacobs with partner Izzy Daniel

The stunning evening dress developed into a figure hugging midnight blue satin fishtail gown. It was hand appliqued with beaded French lace over nude shoulders and when Izzy turned, you could see the plunging back detail. Glimpses of Izzy on the TV special event showed her brilliant smile and sparkling shoulder motifs.

Izzy Daniel in Caleche on her way to the red carpet

Izzy sent Liz this Instagram photo as soon as she was ready for the event, and although beforehand she commented that she was feeling excited but nervous, you can see by the photos that it wasn’t showing on the night.

Izzy Daniel and the Caleche teamPhotographed with izzy is (l – R) Kerren, Liz, Amy, Julia and Sally

On the day Izzy picked up her dress, all the people involved in the making of it got together for a quick photo opportunity. As you can see, it takes many specialised hands to create a dress like this. Every time our customers go through the process of having a dress made for them we refer to the ‘patternmaker’, ‘handworker’ or other titles, and they really get to understand our personalised service, and how we can do this with so many dresses coming through the design room.

Izzy Daniel in her Caleche dress

Congratulations to Izzy, we hear it was a great night out. I must point out the the ring you can see in this photo and gorgeous diamond earrings were from James Thredgold Jewellery – another great South Australian business based here in Norwood. (congrats should go as well the Norwood SANFL club who took out the premiership the same weekend – go the Redlegs and Norwood!)


Calèche dress at the 2014 Magarey Medal

PrintOn the 1st September, Calèche had the pleasure of dressing Chloe Galpin for the Magarey Medal Awards night. Chloe is one of the very first people to be photographed in one of our Private Collection evening dresses, personalised with her own choice of sparkly 3D motifs over the shoulder straps on the dress. As you can see from the photo she looked beautiful on the night, perfect for showing off this evening dress!

chloe galpin daniel webbChloe Galpin with fiance Daniel Webb