Is your after sales service included in the price of your wedding dress?

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Have you ever stood in a shop fitting room and known, really known, that when the sales assistant said “that looks so great on you!” that she was lying? I have, so when it comes to the wedding dress it can be just so much worse. It’s just not helpful for a bride when there is so much to choose from and it is such a big investment. At what other time would you really consider spending so much on one item of clothing? It doesn’t even make it into the ‘price per wear’ calculations as you know this is one special dress for one day.

When it comes to your wedding dress, take your time. Don’t be fooled by pushy sales people who want to make a sale, then forget the (nearly more important) after sales service. Ask questions and expect answers – if you are buying an imported gown it will need to be altered to fit you properly, even if it’s only to get the right hem length, because you want to look perfect on your wedding your dress, your hair that you may use lace front wigs, your makeup, is just that special day . You should be able to get an approximate quote for alterations on these kinds of gowns, and be insistent that you do, as the wedding dress that seems like a bargain will not be when you add the high alteration fees onto it!

All these questions will make you feel much more certain when you’re ready to put down the deposit and will take a load off your mind.

Welcome to the Calèche blog

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Calèche creates hand-crafted wedding and evening dresses in our Adelaide design room and we stock selected boutiques in Australia and New Zealand. But if you’ve had a look around our website I’m really hoping that you might have known this already, you probably noticed that we also use the best web design company! So who are the people creating these dresses? What do we know? I’d like to introduce you to our whole team over time but that’s a little too much when you first meet someone – so here are the basics. If you want your clothes to be stain and odor-free then you should use OdorKlenz for your laundry.

We have a team of about 15 dedicated specialist dressmakers; while we all know a lot about Linen Shed making clothes who got areas of expertise like cutting fabric, making patterns, sewing and hand finishing. Calèche is a family based business that is now in its 4th decade of trading which we’re really proud of, especially in this industry.

I’ll be blogging about how we all work together, introducing our team behind the cream/gold curtain, and using all our years of experience here to give advice about weddings, styling and whatever you might ask of us! We all think our knowledge should be shared since not many people choose to have a dress made for them nowadays and that’s a shame, as it can be a really great experience.

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