Izzy Daniel graces Brownlow Red Carpet in a Calèche Creation

Izzy Daniels and Sam Jacobs on the 2015 Brownlow Red Carpet

Photo from www.afl.com.au

Our Designer Liz Foubert always relishes designing something new and glamorous, and Izzy Daniel’s gown for this year’s Brownlow Medal Count was no exception.

We were so excited, to see Izzy Daniel walk down the Brownlow Red Carpet in September with partner Sam Jacobs (fondly known as ‘Sauce’ here in SA.) This year, Izzy opted for a sparkling pink hue with long sleeves and a deep neckline.

Izzy Daniels in her creation in the Caleche Studio

Photo by Sarah Reed

This was the second year in a row that we created a stunning red carpet number in just three weeks!

Izzy experienced a super speedy version of the Calèche Couture process, but this is a journey all our customers enjoy. So what happened? 

With only a short time to make the gown, Izzy and Liz had to swiftly collaborate and decide on the gown design.

“It literally took five minutes … after I showed Liz just one photo. And she already had something in mind Izzy Daniels bespoke designbefore I came into the store,” said Izzy. 

When the design and measurements were finalised, the first fitting was a time for further inspiration. Izzy’s first fitting was created in a tulle off-cut so she could see the design taking shape while the dress was then being fitted perfectly to her measurements.

If there was anything I wasn’t quite sure about or wanted to change, Liz had no problems – no matter how last minute my decisions were!”

On the second fitting Izzy got to see the intricately beaded lace on for the first time, and it was then she decided on the longer sleeve. Sometimes it isn’t till you see your dress on and taking shape that subtle changes might be required to suit your personal style. Izzy Daniels models her last minute decision to include sleeves

For her third visit, Izzy let the Liz guide the way on the last few finishing and finessing details.

Izzy Daniels and Sam Jacobs on the 2014 Brownlow Medal Red Carpet

Photo from www.afl.com.au

In 2014, Izzy made her Brownlow Red Carpet debut in the figure hugging navy gown with beaded French lace floating over her shoulders. I asked Izzy to think back to reflect on both Brownlow Medal Red Carpet gowns.

“I’ve had so many comments about both dresses, but in particular my pink one from this year.

“Having a one-of-a-kind gown especially made for you for such a special event is a feeling I can’t describe. Both dresses were so comfortable I wore them all night,” said Izzy.

So it is possible to look glamorous and feel great at the same time!