If you are looking at booking in for your first wedding dress appointment at Calèche, or you have already booked one  – then this page is for you. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding wedding dress appointments at Calèche, so this page should answer all those for you. Of course, if your question isn’t answered below then feel free to contact us at

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, we operate as an appointment only business. If you do visit us without an appointment, we will do our best to help you however, we cannot guarantee that someone will be available to help you. As you will very likely be trying gowns on during your first wedding dress appointment, you do need a consultant with you. If one is not available you will not be able to try on gowns and will need to rebook a time to do so.

How long before my appointment should I book?

If you are restricted to certain days of availability we recommend contacting us for an appointment around 2-3 weeks beforehand. This saves you from being disappointed about missing out on a particular time/date. If you don’t like to plan too far in advance and are flexible with your availability then you may prefer to enquire the week of.

How long before my wedding should I book my first wedding dress appointment?

We highly recommend booking your first wedding dress appointment around 18 months to a year before your wedding date. As we make all our gowns within our Norwood boutique we are subject to production capacity limits. We do often book out for made-to-measure gowns during the peak months of the wedding season. To avoid missing your spot, you should begin your enquiries 18 months/a year in advance.

What are your opening hours for appointments?

We are open for appointments Monday to Saturday 9-5pm. Saturdays sometimes book out weeks in advance so its best to enquire about your appointment as early as possible.

How long will my first appointment go for?

Each appointment is allocated an hour and a half. We find this is the perfect amount of time to try on a range of different gowns. Any longer and it can become tiring and overwhelming. Any shorter and it can feel rushed.

Do you charge for appointments?

No, there is no fee for an appointment at Calèche.

Who can I bring with me to my appointment?

On Saturdays, you may bring a maximum of TWO guests with you to your appointment. We implement this rule on Saturdays for a number of different reasons, which are to the benefit of you, other guests in the boutique, and our bridal consultants. At Calèche Bridal House we are offering you an intimate, personalised and exclusive wedding dress experience. An important part of this experience is the care and attention to detail your consultant and fitters aim to provide; as well as the calming atmosphere of our boutique. On Saturdays we often have two appointments going at one time, if each guests brings more than two people the boutique can become loud, overwhelming and overcrowded. We completely understand that you may want to share this experience with your loved ones however – it is of our professional opinion that the less people you bring, the better the experience we can provide. 

What do I need to know before a wedding dress appointment?

You don’t need to know anything. However, there are certainly a few things that might make your experience a little less overwhelming for you. To start, it may be helpful to have an idea of the style of your wedding before you begin looking at gowns. This will really help you narrow down your dress style. Also, you may want to look at our collections online before your appointment in order to see which styles you definitely want to try on. Writing down the names of these styles beforehand is helpful and can save you time when browsing at the beginning of your appointment. You may very well change your mind when you see the gowns in person, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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