If you have purchased a made-to-measure, bespoke or couture Calèche gown you will require fittings in our Norwood boutique. Made-to-measure and bespoke gowns will require three fittings and a fourth visit to collect your dress. Couture gowns may require extra fittings. Fittings are held on Mondays through to Fridays 9-5pm and Thursdays 9-7pm. Weekend fittings are unavailable as our fitters are only in the boutique on weekdays. For each fitting you will have approximately an hour with your fitter in a private fitting room. Your fittings are the only face-to-face time our fitters have with you to perfect the fit of your gown so it’s important that we use this time appropriately.


During your fitting there will be multiple things your fitter will need to discuss with you, and as such we require that you are able to engage with your fitter completely during this time. We don’t want to rush through the fittings or miss out on any important details. Thus, we highly recommend that you think critically about who you choose to bring with you to your fittings. If you are comfortable doing so, we recommend that you do not bring any guests with you; especially if you are a better decision maker on your own. However, if you do wish to bring a guest then bring only a trusted close friend or relative, someone who you know will be able to focus solely on you and the gown for the full hour.

What to Expect at Each Fitting

Your first fitting will be a calico/mock-up fitting which is part of the pattern process and where we work on the final pattern shaping. This first fitting can be underwhelming as you will only be seeing a rough pattern that will need to be tweaked before it is cut in your fabric.

Your second fitting is when the gown will begin to come together in front of your eyes. In this fitting you will try on your dress in its actual fabric for the first time. Please bring your shoes with you to this fitting so we can level the hem perfectly. Many brides choose to start looking at veils and accessories during this fitting.

We often get asked whether the made-to-measure process allows for weight change. It does, to a certain extent. Included in a made-to-measure gown is a special pattern drafted to fit you. Should your weight change after this process, the pattern is rendered unsuitable and additional fitting costs may be incurred. To avoid additional charges, we recommend that you maintain your current weight from your second fitting onwards. This fitting will likely occur around 4 months before your wedding date.

Your third and final fitting is about 4 weeks prior to your wedding date. This final fitting is when we mark the position of the zips and other closures and confirm any finishing details. If major alterations are required at this late stage, additional fittings charges may be incurred.

Your fourth and final visit to the boutique will be the exciting day that you get to take your dress home with you! You will try on all the pieces to make sure they are the perfect, and it will be packaged in a lovely dress bag for transporting. Pick up appointments are also only available on weekdays when our workshop is open, so that any last-minute things can be attended to immediately, if needed. For this last visit we do recommend bringing the person you have chosen to help you dress on the day; so that we can demonstrate the bustle and other dressing tips.

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