For Emma and Adam, nothing could stop them from celebrating their love, not even COVID. In 2020 our worlds have been turned upside down, but there are some experiences that simply cannot wait. Emma answered some of our questions about her intimate wedding ceremony in Crystal Brook, SA during the March lockdown.

Lets start at the beginning, when and how did you and your partner meet?
Our little love story began unknowingly when I dated Adam’s older brother in high school, who later went on to marry one of my best friends, Leah. Adam was two years younger and always hung out with us. I always knew he was an absolute catch and tried many times to hook him up with other friends including one of my cousins. It was later that one of our inner circle friends suggested to me that perhaps I was I was the one in love with Adam and didn’t realise it … all it took was for a me (a few bubbles in) at his brothers wedding (that he was a groomsman in and myself a bridesmaid) to say ‘we would be good together’ to propel our journey together. Now fast forward 4 years later with a 3 year old son, a baby due any day, an elopement and a house about to start construction -we’ve been busy!!

Tell us about the proposal.. 
It was a quiet Friday November morning 2018 and I was sitting in the lounge room and our son (17 months old at the time) wanders in with a box in his hand. I knew instantly what it was! Adam followed our son in saying ‘would you like to have the same last name as us?’ I snatched the box so quickly from our son and immediately replied with YES! We celebrated that weekend with our families, which was lovely.

How did COVID-19 affect your wedding day? (postponement, cancellations, changed plans etc.) Please talk us through your decision. How was the overall experience?
Our story of our wedding day did not play out quite how we had envisaged… originally our date was to be the 3rd April 2020 with 186 guest, we had such amazing visions of a full catholic service at 11am followed by a sit down late lunch on our block in our small home town of Crystal Brook, SA. This all changed with the threat of Covid-19. We had to progressively scale back as the restrictions were put in place for 100 people capped gatherings…. we thought initially ‘gosh we are going to have to cull our guests’.. we soon realised that this felt wrong and instead decided to marry just with our bridal party and parents in attendance. Our dreams were further crushed when it was announced by Prime minister Scott Morrison that we could only have 5 at the wedding. We discussed potentially fully postponing our wedding but it wasn’t an option, as marrying one another became very apparent as the most important thing to us. With discussions with our retired local parish priest Fr Arno and blessings from our parents we decided to elope ASAP with fears that restrictions would only tighten further.

We were married at 3:30pm on Thursday the 26th March… our photographer and videographer playing a significant role in being our witnesses and reading our first and second readings at the church (neither religious or aware of their role until we arrived at the church! My bad!!) It was the most bizarre feeling walking down the aisle to an empty church, however I could feel all the angels and saints and our lost loved ones sitting filling the pews in spirit. There was no pressure and just pure excitement to marry to the man of my dreams.

Do you plan to celebrate again with your family and friends once restrictions allow it?
Yes, absolutely. On the 7th March 2021 at home in Crystal Brook, with similar plans to the original reception. Mass at 11am with the renewal of our vows followed by a long late lunch with our nearest and dearest.

The Dress! Tell us about your experience finding the dress .. How did you decide on the one? Did COVID-19 affect your dress process with Calèche?
My experience at Calèche was nothing but pure stress free bliss. I went in thinking I would be best suited in a full sleeve lace gown and the ended up with the Megan Gown (pure sleek silk, no sleeves and no lace!). I didn’t pick it out, the staff at Calèche picked this dress for me and it was the 3rd one I tried on. My initial thought was hmm a bit plain – but then I put it on and we knew instantly that it was the one! The staff knew what suited me far more than I did, supporting me locking in the classy Megan Gown by saying “We just lose you in the lace of the other dresses, we can’t see your face”. I added a silk wrap to the gown to give me a conservative option for the church and the option of taking it off for the party later. I loved how it gave me a 2 dresses in 1 option! Calèche is an unbelievably classy, quiet, non-pushy, stylish and unique bridal shop in Adelaide – it’s a no brainer when I encourage all brides-to-be to visit to find their dream gown.

As we are planning on celebrating our reception March 2021 and a baby due this Dec (any day) my body has changed shape and I won’t be able to fit my Megan gown comfortably in this time frame. No need to stress, Calèche once again have made me another sensational outfit for our reception day! Lucky me getting 2 wonderful experiences at Calèche bridal! (Big thank you to Liz!).

Can you give us some details on your wedding location?
Originally we were planning to have 11am ceremony followed by a long lunch at our block in Crystal Brook. However, it looks like our house build will be started in the new year. Our new reception plan will be held at Bowman’s Park 5km out of Crystal Brook. It’s a beautiful venue and so close to nature. We will have a marquee and the celebration we have been dreaming about there. Hopefully! 

Lastly, is there any advice or words of wisdom you have for future brides? Particularly in regards to navigating changes to wedding plans due to COVID-19. How did you keep cool, calm and collected?
Continue to plan ahead for your dream wedding so that it is all organised if it all can go ahead, but as the weeks and days get closer just take it one day at a time. Remember so much is out of your control and if the unfortunate should happen, e.g restrictions tighten, rules change: try your best to adapt, take a deep breath and focus on what’s important – marrying your best friend and life partner. The frills can come later. “Romance can‘t be cancelled, love can’t be delayed”.

Emma and Adam

Photographer: Mike Hemus; Ceremony: The Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Crystal Brook; Priest: Fr Arno Vermeeren; Videographer: Joby Connor at Big Day wedding videography; Flowers: Michelle Psaila at The Flower Girls; Stationary & Church Booklet: Rebecca Kirk; Bridal Shoes: Bellini; Hair: Colour Scheme, Crystal Brook; Makeup: Teen’s Hair; Grooms Suit: Mensland, Pt Pirie; Grooms Pants: Tarocash; Grooms Shoes: Iconic; Wedding Car: Family owned & restored Datsun.




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